Mar 312013

To start the day off, I did a couple of written Daily Creates, and much to my delight, discovered a new joy.

I then turned to the intriguing issue of analyzing a segment’s structure, discovering the legendary power that is Cowboy Bebop.

After several hours of poring over an 8-minute video, in a short verse, I summarized my enthusiasm for video projects. It was my second spontaneous poem today, the first being a response to a Daily Create. I’m glad I’m in such a writing mood – perhaps I will swing back to drawing soon so that I can share more installments of The SHADOW of RAGNARÖK.

For the YouTube Genre analysis, I proposed the “Kickstarter Video” genre due to creators taking advantage of YouTube’s ease to imbed.

I still come to video from a visual composition standpoint. Often, if I’m sent to a kickstarter page from an artist I follow, I estimate whether it will be successful by watching the video without sound. In a couple weeks I return – and it is invariably the videos that can convey information both visually and audibly that are backed successfully.
I used to think that visuals were all that was necessary to carry a story in comics, or movies. That feeling was affirmed by stories I liked having a good story and good visuals, and stories I criticized sometimes having a good story but poor visuals that didn’t convey the story well. My logic was flawed, however. It is good storytelling when the visuals work well in the structure of the story and balance with the other elements.

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