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Did you know that in the third Harry Potter movie there is a shot of the Maurader’s Map that includes a circular room with the inscription “Room of Doom”?


Waking up at 4 means that I’m sleepy at or before dinner time, so I’ve been drifting off or watching with one eye the movies over dinner.  Thus I noticed the “Room of Doom”.  Why four? Well, I joined the Holy Order of Viking Draftspeople in an effort to get school work done this week.  I didn’t succeed at waking up every morning and doing work, but Tuesday and Wednesday each morning I did about 2 hours of drawing.

It was so cool to have one of my art heroes Nate Simpson (creator of Nonplayer V1) to tweet in response to me! I’m even more stoked to make The SHADOW of RAGNARÖK than before! (I’ll link to it as soon as it looks Gooood)  (for some reason, the tweets are showing the timestamp in the wrong time zone, even though I have my correct date/time settings for both this website and Twitter – any hints/ideas on how to correct this I’d greatly appreciate)

Thursday I’d stayed up too long the previous night and I don’t remember Friday, my brain is so overcooked.  My body clock has shifted easily, though – I woke up at 4 this Sunday morning, thought seriously about doing some work and then realized it wasn’t a weekday.

I’m making a great effort to make this week’s blog post spectacular, even though I’d rather be eating ice cream and drawing.  Or eating ice cream, drawing, whilst simultaneously pillaging like a true viking.  But I’m endeavoring to be a better student.  Sigh.

I didn’t listen to the radio shows live because I was prepping for my first #HOVD morning, which was especially good timing because I’d gotten a grand total of 2 hours of sleep the previous night.  I’m very glad they were archived.  Here’s my review of Twilight Zone: Fifth Dimension, and our very own Digital Dynamite!

“The choices that we’re making – about the medium and the story that we choose – are a part of the story we’re telling”  Martha Burtis

(Oh, goodness, it’s 10:30 and I’m already getting quite drowsy.  Wegman’s Light Roast chock full of sugar is doing little to keep me functioning…)

I think I have the Firebug add-on installed, and will soon be done learning its use from the above-linked Burtis tutorial.  If only the appearance of life was so easily altered.  In Lifebug, I would alter the code of life so that everyone would call each other by their family names unless they were part of the family/close friend status…the accumulation of knowlege would be physically recognizable – something like a personal library, parts accessible and cited for others to learn from.

Due to the number of tabs I have open to keep tabs on things, currently (late assignments for another class, to-dos for this class, and things worth responding to if only I had the time) I’m putting off the Firebug for a bit (as it requires me to restart my browser for it to kick in).  I’ll do some other nifty assignments, or link to the daily creates I’ve done thus far:

On the DS106 website and also Locally, are my musings on the simple things in life.

If I achieve my goal tonight of doing absoultely everything required in the weekly summary outline for DS106, the story that links together my daily creates will involve mobile and creative living, as I can’t go back and edit that one.  Sadly, working on DS106 in this manner is eclipsing my ability to #HOVD tomorrow :( I really want to get those viking drawings done by mid-week.

Wikipedia: Blast to the PAST! Whoo-hoo! If it’s possible to have a non-sentient internet location be a hero: Wikipedia is my HERO!

(midnight: I’m fading fast.  Blearily my eyes begin to have difficulty focusing. My eloquence, enthusiasm, and quality standards impede my completion of assignments, EGADS, what a conundrum! I’m so glad @cogdog allowed me an extension)

Ooops: internet tangent! It’s totally worth sharing because I just learned something NEW! I was reviewing this outline which is a good walk through telling stories IN the web, seeing if I’d gleaned enough from the tab to close it (and eliminate unnecessary tab clutter) when I saw the <-(previous post) “Unschoool House Rock” since School House Rock, well… ROCKS, I wondered if this “Unschool” was some kind of satirical remix. Nope, but intriguing nonetheless.  It was a personal account of educating children with engaging care and diligence.  Though I have no intention of being a parent myself, I am dedicated to being an eternal learner.  I went to Wikipedia to learn more about “unschooling” and, upon typing it in my dedicated W firefox searchbar, I realized… I was on a tangent.  However, I couldn’t resist rapidly perusing the Wikipedia page in order to absorb the unfamiliar, yet powerfully resonant information presented there for my viewing.  I am very excited to unschool myself full-time, as I have already been unschooling myself alongside school, little wonder I have so little time to complete assignments with intriguing and ongoing explorations such as this.

Aha! In my endeavor to find a method in the menus for putting the wikipedia entry into my reading list so that I may conveniently peruse it later on my mobile device, I discovered that it isn’t necessary to restart Firefox to engage Firebug – in this version of Firefox it had hidden away in a menu.  Avast, me hearties! Website piracy will begin momentarily!

(One in the morning no end in sight… I’ve become quite adept at deleting elements from the appearance of the webpage, but not with duplicating the success of editing the first element of the page.)

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 1.10.23 AM copy

Even on a late night, my enthusiasm for Wikipedia does not abate!.  I realized too late that somewhere along the way I lost the green number/info string on the first entry.  My original plan to alter was the Jaywalking page (read about villanous automobiles!) I felt that it would be too obvious because my language wouldn’t quite fit Wikipedia-style for the entry.  Though I inserted all entries, only the Jay (slang) page and Jaybiking are fictional pages.  In my endeavor for authenticality, the slang’s definition is derived from the Jaywalking page.  In my schoolly commutes, I’ve become quite a Jaybiker, because Fredericsburg drivers (on these thin streets) make me quite nervous.  They either ignore me completely or give a too-wide berth, and on the ‘bikes take full lane’ streets I’ve been  tailgated furiously more than once.  After several incedents, I realized it’s much safer to illegally ride on the sidewalks, then revert to the road in order to give pedestrians their due.  Since pedestrians have been forced from the automobile-dominated road for the past century, it seems incredibly rude to impede their designated sidewalk area as well.  Sadly that leaves no ground for the most healthy and economical, sustainable and quick mode of transportation.



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  1. Curious to hear if #HOVD is sustainable. I’m not sure why you chose to do the web re-write in Firebug, its totally clumsy to use, and I even took it off of this year’s assignment page. But it is a choice, Hackasaurus is a much easier tool to use, and you do not lose your work if you accidentally refresh the browser, I can sort of follow what you were doin with the Wikipedia search edit, but do not get what is the gist of the re-write about. There is something meta (or maybe ant–meta) about re-writing a page anyone can rewrite. Maybe its they lack of Wikipedia oversight?

    I’d prefer you take more time and write out your assignments with more of your usual interesting narrative; I am not having luck locating all the bits for this week.

    Get some sleep!

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