Feb 222013

If I were a pastry, I’d be too sweet to eat, and so cute it would be hard not to take a nibble.

Rich, dark chocolate ice cream oozes into your mouth as you bite into a white fluffy clear-glazed doughnut. A dollop of swirled maple-flavored whipped cream sits atop your Watkins and will always stick to your nose as you bite into the gooey center. The most addictive aspect of the Watkins is its diminutive size; it is little more than two bites, so it is necessary to get a platterful to share with friends, laughing at creamy noses all afternoon.

These sweet treats are the traditional food of the summer solstice, as the ice cream center will cool you off, and being covered in flaking donut sugar will have you running to the swimming hole to clean up, especially after hot waiting in long lines as you would for fresh funnelcakes.


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