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In preparation for this exercise,  I outfitted my mobile with the Flickr and Tumblr apps, so that I may efficiently upload the photos as I take them.  Matters were complicated by the fact that uploading via Flickr App would crank up my cell data, so I tried to enable WiFi.  My phone then informed me that I wasn’t signed up for Apogee (the dorm WiFi) this semester.  I was mystifed by this revelation, as my MacBook Pro has been using this internet for the past month with no issues.  Crossing my fingers, I waded through the website to sign up (hoping against hope that doing so wouldn’t deny my computer internet whilst enabling my phone WiFi).  Sighing in relief, I prepared to interpret.

Photoblitzing:  Exercising visual interpretation skills in a limited time period.

This week’s DS106 photoblitz challenge involves responding to as many of the following prompts as possible in a 20-minute period.

  1. Your first photo is of something that shows the current time! Document when you started the blitz.  In the next 20 minutes, try to capture as many of the following photos as you can:
  2. Make an ordinary object look more interesting, almost supernatural.
  3. Take a photo that makes use of converging lines.
  4. Take a photo dominated by a single color
  5. Take a photo of something at an unusual angle
  6. Take a photo of two things that do not belong together.
  7. Take a photo that represents the idea of “openness”
  8. Take a photo that expresses a human emotion
  9. Take a photo emphasizes mostly dark tones or mostly light ones.
  10. Make a photo that is abstract, that would make someone ask, “Is that a photograph?”
  11. Take a photo of an interesting shadow.
  12. Take a photo that represents a metaphor for complexity.
  13. Take a photo of someone else’s hand (or paw)
  14. Take another photo of a timepiece that shows the time you stopped. It should be twenty minutes since step 1, right?

I’m going to give myself an extra 5 minutes to deal with the technical difficulties of using the new Flickr and Tumblr apps to post these images as I go.  I’m also limiting myself to local, indoors photos.  It’s cold outside.  And travel time is time that I’m not using for photographing and uploading.

(edit) Here’s The RESULTS!


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