Feb 172013

Pick A Bad Photo, Apply A Vintage Effect And Write Something In Helvetica

My first visual assignment of the week, worth two stars: “Pick A Bad Photo, Apply A Vintage Effect And Write Something in Helvetica”

I had to do it twice; the first time, Photoshop froze on me and I had to force quit.  I’m a little worried, my computer doesn’t usually do that to me.  Luckily the part that took the longest was choosing which groovy filter to put on the photo, taken on vacation in Florida at a snazzy Tex-Mex joint called Taco City.  I settled on Fresco, which didn’t make the aquarium scene too unrecognizable or otherworldly.


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  3 Responses to “Perils of Aquariums”

  1. Your caption is hilarious. I wish I had seen this assignment but I did not. Anyway, it is brilliant!

  2. I love the caption on the photo, I think it’s really funny. Maybe try elaborating your post more to include your inspiration and how you created the photos and effect.

  3. It’s perfectly captioned. How did you go about finding a bad photo?

    I’d like to see more attention to the text., its hard to read and we lose it in the background. I would suggest going a lot bigger and bolder. You can do things like use :Layers – :layer Effects – stroke to put an outline on the letters and/or Layers – :layer Effects – background glow to put a halo behind the text. Or you could put a layer behind the text and fill a rectangle thats a bit bigger then the text. Even play with opacity on that.

    Make your text count! It’s good stuff.

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