Apr 142013

The most difficult part of making this time-lapse movie was making it interesting. It’s a video of a steaming pile of lint, for goodness’ sake. The original video was more than an hour long. I had to import it into iMovie, speed it up 800% then export it, so that I could import it again and make it even faster. Most of the stirring parts are at 800%x800% faster than life speed. This is a slow process, but well worth it for the results. When it hardens, lint clay is like a brick, but when its malleable, it is like sculpting structurally sound butter.

This was filmed with my iPhone camera. It was one of the first sequences of footage I took this week, before I discovered my technical difficulties of transferring footage. If I were to do this again, I’d endeavor to make it a better tutorial, including how to make it, store it, and use it. This wasn’t possible in this instance, because I filled my phone’s capacity before completing the clay cooking. I should have made it more of a step-by-step process, and better shown the addition of ingredients and their quantities. As I didn’t illustrate this well in the footage, I focused on making it visually interesting by focusing on the bubbling and steaming then speeding up the clips with stirring the most to save time.

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  1. It’s great footage and the speeding up effect works well, but yes, its a bit long, What I like in the beginning is not really knowing what you are cooking. You could have shortened the cooking sequence, and played it out like it was a real meal, and then show it served on a plate and reveal the linty details. And seeing what you do with at it at the end as a final product would complete it.

    It needs something to break it up. Even introducing some commentary in text as overlays? The concept is spot on though

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