Mar 242013

I love to have elegant solutions to the little problems in life.  For instance, when I couldn’t find a small bag that could easily handle carrying a wallet, notebook, and various small items in a durable and organized manner, my solution was to crochet one.  However much I’d like to, I can’t make solutions to all of my sundry issues.  Thus my greatest simple joy is when someone else has designed a solution that near-perfectly solves one.  The most recent was the Spider Bluetooth Keyboard.  I found it a pain (and distraction) to carry my overlarge laptop around.  I found the Spider keyboard that could work with my mobile phone to create a note-taking and email-writing portable solution.  I have to answer questions whenever I whip it out in company- it’s so elegant, people are always curious.  It is lightweight, thin, and has clicky keys that are the perfect solution for a trained, speedy touch-typer.  I also love that it is rechargeable – I don’t have to rely on non-sustainable AA batteries – and the internal battery lasts about a month!  The only disadvantages are the position of the on/off button (under the keyboard) and the smallness on the screen on which I type.  The angle of the screen is no problem, because I was able to 3D print a serviceable stand (another nifty solution!).  One solution I hope to find soon is a way to hook my phone up to a larger screen while I’m at home – I love typing with the spider keyboard so much I’d rather type with it on my lap than a large heavy laptop.

The hunt for or design of a solution for an irking mundane issue gives me simple joy.

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  1. Simple joy is more than a good thing! What is the size of the spider? How about a photo or a cool drawing of it?

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