Apr 192013

For the final project, I want to take on the persona of a high-school age sewing blogger. In a new segment of my website, separate and differently designed, Irene will share her sewing adventures. In some ways this will be autobiographical, but with creative liberties.  The character’s website will be as if she is representing herself on the web and sharing her crafting journey with a wide audience.

Irene is a girl transported in time.  An old soul, she is attracted to classic literature and fashions; as she embraces the proliferation of information and ease of communication provided by the internet she searches for a stable future after school.  She is interested in fashion design, but also wants to have a practical job and time/creative energy for her own projects.

The four multimedia elements as currently planned include:

(web) A resource repository for Irene’s primary interests of crocheting and quilting, including websites such as other sewing blogs and helpful instructional books from which she takes inspiration. In the enthusiastic and unmoderated voice of a passionate high school senior, Irene will have relevant blurbs for each reference.

(audio) Following her passion for creating with cloth, Irene will compile a playlist of songs on the subject; an internet mixtape

(visual/design) Irene will blog about her fashion design dreams, sharing sketches of ordinary people and their practical fashion.

(video) In the manner of the keychain autobiography daily create, Irene will explain a handsewn t-shirt quilt she designed and is meticulously quilting.

(video) Irene will create a tutorial for her method of making a T-shirt quilt square.

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