Apr 142013

This is the longest movie I made this week. It takes a while to make good tasty cookies! I wanted to make a video that summarized this labor of love as succinctly as possible. My goal was to make it about 5 minutes and it ended up about 7 minutes long. I did my best to explain every part of the process in an interesting and informative manner, so that I could share cookies by teaching how to make them well. I love good tutorials, and did my best to make one myself.

All of the footage was captured with my iPhone camera. I filmed both freehand and a stand. When filming, my greatest issue was keeping things in focus. It was difficult to see and correct if there was a focus problem due to the position of the stand. If I were to do this again, I’d take more redundant footage to ameliorate this issue. I also endeavored to keep the perspective consistent between shots, so that the editing wouldn’t be too distracting.

As with most of the other videos I created this week, the original audio of the clips was silenced and the final audio was recorded separately, as one piece without editing. Editing all the video clips was enough of a pain. There’s a few points, especially in the creaming process, where I didn’t take enough footage to have the time to fully support the necessary explanation. That scene would benefit from some transitions, I wish I’d realized that at the time.

I took great pains to show all of the steps in as clear a manner as possible, by manipulating time a great deal. In order to seamlessly move through the process, I had to segment many of the clips. Speeding up or slowing down parts of them was necessary to better illustrate the process. There were several instances in which I didn’t show new ingredients to the camera for a sufficient duration, so I clipped and manipulated time so that they were on camera longer. The Peanut Butter scene is a good example of my manipulation of time to better convey information.

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