Mar 312013

I’ve found that I love writing!~ and it’s mostly thanks to DS106 blogging. Previously I’d associated writing with private journaling (which only ever made sense to me, as it was abbreviated mental note taking) and research and/or persuasive papers for school. Two very disparate and separately unrewarding areas.

Blogging brings them together in a synthesis that allows for the public sharing of internal reflection and linking to the sources that trigger the train of thought.

I look forward to having a blog dedicated to sharing my discoveries and artistic experiments. I’ve tried to do some of that in earlier posts for this class, but I realize it can befuddle readers to have a post weaving together too many subjects. DS106 needs to stay DS106. I’ll have time in five weeks or so to pursue writing about whatever I fancy without stepping on the toes of assignments that affect my grades. Obligation before Exploration.

As I realized my love for writing, I now choose to do Writing-Category Daily Creates as warm-ups before doing all my work for class. Today’s were the love-poem lyrics of a song inspired by a photograph and this persuasive public-service announcement.
Both surprised me. I haven’t written poetry or anything similar to these for a long time. It was fun.

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  1. All I can do is smile- I’m really warmed to read of the enthusiasm here for writing. Do you want more written Daily Creates?

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