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This thing is elegant, its’s sweet. rad, and a little small for my fingers. But it’s so sweet to be able to type anywhere!!! I feel so cool! This takes up less space than a netbook, and weighs only a few extra ounces more than what I usually carry. I already carry my phone around. I’m over the moon! Can’t wait until my hands adapt to the new scale of keyboard, because it’s actually scaled better to my hands than a standard keyboard. I can actually stretch my right pinkie finger to the shift key! This is the absolutely coolest tech gadget I have ever invested in!! If I’d known about this earlier in my university years, I may have contemplated studying a major that involves typing long papers. The specs of this ultra-cool, productivity-improving, distraction-negating portable typing device are hard to believe: it has a rechargeable battery that should last a month or two, it weighs less than my phone, and takes up a minimal amount of space, measuring a centimeter at its thickest area. I was able to use it right out of the box.

I’ve always wanted a device like this elegant pairing: a distraction-minimal screen that shows what has been recently written, and a touch-typing compatible clicky-clack keyboard, which is light enough to take anywhere. When I realized that my on-the-go busy life with classes and jobs was getting in the way of getting my work done well, I saw that using the available technology better: my iPhone, could be the salvation of my grades without cutting back on rent-earning hours. The impediment to this, however, was the slowness of touch-screen typing: convenient only for limited. fast formats such as texting and tweeting. When looking into wireless keyboards crafted for use with pocket communicators, I was demoralized by the amount that were not compatible with apple products or were dependent on a refreshing supply of disposable AA or AAA batteries (which I would have to buy specially for the purpose, as I have no other devices requiring them). But lo! this past Tuesday, I combined the keywords ‘bluetooth’ ‘rechargeable’ and ‘keyboard’ and found the SPIDER. Call me Little Miss Muffett, I’m spilling my curds and whey over this arachnid.

After ordering the keyboard ASAP, I received confirmation later the same day that it had shipped. I had dreams that night about the keyboard arriving in record time, magically delivered to my pillow. I typed all night. The next day I stalked the shipping status page, watching as it left Texas, passed through Tennessee, then passed by me to vacation in Maryland. Preoccupied by preparations for the opening of Afterpiece, I realized that it wouldn’t be under my hands until today.

After groping the klaxon into reluctant silence this morning, I poked the alarm-inducing device and opened my email. The lack of messages on the subject of packages made me curious – I found the hours of the campus mail center, and discovered the slimness of the chance of getting my package today: there was one hour to process my package before my lunch break – the only opportunity to pick it up, as work would keep me after their closing time. Out of class, I checked my email again – no package notification. I resolved to check anyway. I was surprised by an orange slip, and was shocked! It was time-stamped only five minutes previous. I clutched the light package as I rushed through the sleet to my car.

While munching a PB+H I used a key to cut the tape of the long brown box, and discovered a beautiful keyboard sealed for my protection on a bed of white styrofoam peanuts. I rounded up the peanuts as best I could. Several escaped under the passenger seat. Any future adventures in the Subaru hatchback will be tainted by the knowledge that there are styrofoam stowaways stashed.

I contemplated attacking the sealed plastic prison with two door keys by moving with ninja-speed to create a sawing effect. I instead chose to be a practical ninja and stashed the entire package in my bag. Staying patient for several hours, the moment I clocked out of sanding duty I teleported to the tool room and equipped myself with a hacksaw. The protective casing melted like butter before my stern gaze.

Back in the car, I freed the keyboard with minor violence (the hacksaw having opened the prison but not freed the prisoner). In the fracas, the pin to bluetooth-pair was lost.

Back at the Nest for dinner, I took apart a discarded pen in an attempt to Macguyver a poking tool, but a small unfolded staple actually did the deed. Now the two are married, much to my delight.

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  1. This is better than Sleeping Beauty and the Prince!

    Watkins. Beautifully written. Funny and, well funny.

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