Apr 142013

Do you enjoy Touch Typing?

Are you frustrated with the lack of accuracy presented by your on-screen “smart”-phone keyboard?

Is your laptop’s weight preventing you from typing notes when you need to?

There’s an elegant solution, one I happily use every day! The Spider Bluetooth Keyboard!

I think this is the first and worst of the movies made this week.  I’ve been a little reluctant to upload it as a result.  However, it is a good indicator of how much my skill in creating compelling video has increased through practice.  (my favorite is either Coffee or Cookies)  The things that could improve are the sync of the visual pacing to illustrate the spoken review narration (or vice versa).  I’m tempted to redo this entire review, but there’s other subjects I need to move onto as soon as I finish all of my DS106 work for this week; so I’m content to leave this at a depressing C level.  Even the lighting is poor, what was I thinking?

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  One Response to “Are you a Touch Typist?”

  1. First and worst, there’s only one direction to go! At least you recognize some things you could have done differently. Was the voice added later or as you typed? The tapping sound of the touch typing works well.

    It’s been obvious from your previous post how much you like the Spider.

    Would like to see some more written about making of the video, and to use some title sequences, and something less abrupt as an end.

    But you are wise to just chalk this one up to being done!

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