Mar 312013

For the making of video, I have at my disposal a variety of … um,… stuff.
There’s MPEG Streamclip, I’ve used once or twice.
I have Quicktime, which isn’t very nice.
In addition iMovie I’ve used;
but in the end, I was abused.
If you ask: “At the mention of video, why palm your face?”
It is because my computer runs out of space!
I fear my outdated dinosaur won’t roar,
but instead present a spinning eyesore.

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  One Response to “A Summary of Accessible Tools”

  1. A day on the beach is fun
    with that brightly hued inflatable one.
    On the screen away from the sun,
    Spinning makes one reach for a _____.

    Ouch, your poetry is way better than mine. I cannot suggest more than you likely know- free up RAM, free up disk space, find a peaceful chant. Some students rave about the Videopad app, but anything movie editing is going to tax an older machine. Keep me posted if you run into beachball purgatory.

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