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Hi, my name is Watkins and I am a Studio Art student at the University of Mary Washington.  Since January 7, 2013, I have been embroiled in the intriguing online class about the internet: Digital Storytelling (colloquially known as #ds106).  I hope through my immersion in this class I can hone my creative skills relating to digital media especially through the Daily Create.

You can find me all around the interwebs now: YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and SoundCloud!

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  1. From the look of your most current post, you seem to know a lot about embedding and using the internet. This probably comes from your background in studio art. I would be interested in seeing your art along with that of youtube. I am having a hard time figuring out how to comment on your actual post as well as navigating through your site. Maybe you could help me with this…

    • There’s not much to navigate at this point. I have this About page, a Cagegory “vermicomposting” of old posts, and the front page which has my YouTube playlist and most recent blog post. On the blog posts there is a small button at the bottom that says “# Responses->”. I’ll see about making that easier to notice. Before this class, I didn’t use the internet so much as look at it. But I have indeed applied the investigative training of my major to learning and appliying effective methods of design and creation. I’m glad it is evident.

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